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The Dr. John Warner Hospital has been the beneficiary of a group aimed solely at assisting the hospital with whatever needs they may have.

The Dr. John Warner Hospital Foundation is a group of community members who voluntarily help with whatever needs the DJWH may have. According to Kim Davenport, co-chair of the DJWH Foundation, while the Foundation does all they can to help the hospital with unbudgeted needs, the Foundation is a separate entity of the hospital.

[audio:djwhfoundation1.mp3]A Word From Davenport[/audio]

Davenport's partner as co-chair, Dixie Walden was one of the founding members of the DJWH Foundation. She explains the original purpose of the foundation was to promote the hospital throughout Clinton and the surrounding area.

[audio:djwhfoundation2.mp3]A Word From Walden[/audio]

According to Walden, the Foundation for the first several years started small, but since has grown. Now the Foundation holds several fundraisers throughout the year to raise funds to support the hospital. She explains, once the hospital has gone through and budgeted and purchased the things they need most, the Foundation is then able to come in and purchase what is left of the things they did not get that are wanted or needed.

[audio:djwhfoundation3.mp3]A Word From Walden[/audio]

The DJWH Foundation's most recent contribution to the hospital was an automate CPR Unit for one of the three ambulances the hospital has. With the CPR Unit in just one of the ambulances at a time, the Foundation has made it their goal to raise $20-thousand dollars towards the purchase of two more automated CPR Units for the other two ambulances.

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