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The Clinton City Council will convene this evening for their second meeting this month.

The City of Clinton has the opportunity to receive a piece of real estate on Julia Street in Clinton. The house at 523 East Julia Street has been abandoned and in foreclosure for many years now. However, Tim Followell, City Administrator for the City of Clinton explains there are unpaid taxes that need to be paid, and the bank has released the lean and the city only has to pay the unpaid taxes that are left to acquire the property.

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The Council will also be discussing moving forward with the acquired properties on East Washington Street. The City needs to approve bringing in a structural engineer to do a structural inspection on the buildings. Followell says the Council will look to the structural engineer on the best possible way to separate the two buildings since the city only owns one of the two.

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The most discussion for the evening figures to stem from the project on Kleemann Drive, on the west side of US Highway 51. The Council recently approved to accept $1.5 million dollars from Illinois to begin pursuing the work there. However, after sending the project out for bid, the bids came back much higher than anticipated. Followell explains the Council now must revisit the issue and discuss whether to continue forward and invest in nearly one-million dollars of their own for the project, or whether to forfeit the $1.5 million designated by the state.

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Followell says the discussion is going to be tough because the council will then lose $1.5 million dollars designated by the state, however, he says the opportunity for the state to fund a project like this does not come around very often.

The Clinton City Council will meet tonight at 7pm at City Hall.

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