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The discussion of moving forward with a project aimed at future economic development in Clinton was the center of discussion Monday evening at the Clinton City Council meeting.

As previously reported, the Council faced the decision to move forward with a repaving of Kleemann Drive on the west side of US Highway 51, and extending sewer and water lines there as well. The Council recently received $1.5 million from the State of Illinois to fund the project, however the city would have to fund part of the project from their own money.

Initially the Council faced adding nearly $1-million to finish funding the project, however, City Administrator Tim Followell felt in working with several local officials, the cost could be cut down significantly. The initial proposal extended sewer and water lines the entire length of the over half a mile of road. However, city officials felt those lines could be run under the road vertically, saving the city a significant amount of money and enabling the project to move forward.

The Mayor and several commissioners gave input on their feelings in moving forward with the project. Mayor Carolyn Peters expressed concerns, by not moving forward with the project would deter the state from providing the City of Clinton with money in the future to fund projects such as these.

[audio:kleemanNresolution1.mp3]A Word From The Mayor[/audio]

Commissioner Tom Edmunds gave his input on the situation. He felt if the City let the opportunity to have the State help fund a project like this it may not ever come around again. He says in moving forward with development, the vision has to be long term.

[audio:kleemannresolution2.mp3]A Word From Commissioner Edmunds[/audio]

Commissioner John Wise felt this is a great opportunity for the City to be ready for developers wanting to come to Clinton. He feels Clinton has always been a step behind, and he feels this is another opportunity to make things ready for growth.

[audio:kleemannresolution3.mp3]A Word From Commissioner Wise[/audio]

The resolution to move forward with the project on Kleemann Drive passed unanimously. The Council will now send off for a revised bid with the Farnsworth Group with intent of construction, but with the water and sewer lines going vertically rather than parallel along the sides.

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