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The Jake Drive project on US 51 on the west side of Clinton continues to make progress.

The project is an economic development project the City of Clinton is pursuing in hopes of developing the southwestern part of the town, in front of the Sunset Inn and Suites. Steve Lobb, Public Works Director for the City of Clinton, he explains the property is being developed into commercial real estate.

[audio:jakedriveupdate1.mp3]A Word From Lobb[/audio]

Lobb says the project is part of the long term plans to develop that part of the town. He says that area of town makes the most sense, being off of a state highway. He believes there will be an ongoing push to continue to develop that part of the city.

[audio:jakedriveupdate2.mp3]A Word From Lobb[/audio]

Lobb stresses bringing business to an area requires preperation. He says developers do not want to wait for an area to be developed, they want it finished so they can bring their business to the area. He says being ready before someone comes to the area is the right way to go about growing the area.

[audio:jakedriveupdate3.mp3]A Word From Lobb[/audio]

Lobb says the project is right on track. He says later this fall, the area should be completely finished. He says right now construction is at a stand still due to water extensions to be completed to continue allowing water to the Clinton Jr. High School and the hotel, so for now the project is in the hands of the EPA to test the area and the water and sewer extensions they have in place. Once testing by the EPA has been completed, the project can continue on.

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