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The Clinton Board of Education received the data for the Adequate Yearly Progress Report (AYP) for the previous school year throughout the entire district Monday evening at the Board's regular monthly meeting.

The AYP is a progress report associated with the "No Child Left Behind Act". Clinton Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jeff Holmes presented the Board with the numbers by school, then presented the board with the district numbers as a whole. There are many categories that are taken into effect with the AYP. Of the many categories, Dr. Holmes points out the most important statistics when looking at the data is the percentage of students who met or exceeded on the math or reading portion.

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As a part of the "No Child Left Behind Act", the standard each school must meet each year raises, and Dr. Holmes explains throughout each year, as the bar gets raised, Clinton Schools are able to continue to meet or exceed AYP.

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When looking at the district as a whole, Dr. Holmes points out there are many things the district will be focusing on this school year to improve the districts numbers. He says reading as a district needs to improve, and also meeting the needs of the students in the "Free or Reduced Lunches" program.

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Dr. Holmes explains part of the AYP assessment is should a district not make AYP a certain amount of years in a row, then that district must set aside a large portion of their federal funds to fund professional services to help bring them up to the AYP standard. Dr. Holmes explains the standard set by the "No Child Left Behind Act is very unrealistic for a school district to make.

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According to Dr. Holmes, many of the teachers throughout the district were disappointed when they received word their individual school's did not make the AYP standard because each school worked very hard to try to get to make AYP this year. He says plans are in place to continue to improve and work with students and the areas of need for this coming school year, which begins tomorrow for the Clinton School District.

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