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The United States Department of Transportation recently upheld their push to change trucking regulations for family owned farmers.

The US DOT was attempting to enforce regulations on agriculture operations to license, insure, and outfit equipment on a farmer's operation, which would greatly hamper any operation throughout the country. Illinois Representative Chapin Rose played a great role in raising awareness and helping the cause to defeat the measure. He feels this is a great victory for family owned farm operations throughout the country.

[audio:truckingregulation1.mp3]A Word From Rep. Rose[/audio]

Trisha Brade, Communications Director at the Illinois Corn Growers Association and Illinois Corn Marketing Board, she explains part of her role was to bring officials to local communities and farms and show them the equipment and show them the burden that would be put on local producers in the hopes they would be able to see the effects their proposed regulations would have on farmers.

[audio:truckingregulation2.mp3]A Word From Brade[/audio]

The issues of for hire and implements of husbandry  have been resolved with the US DOT, however, the issues of interstate/intrastate commerce have not been resolved. Mark Gebhardt, Executive Director for Governmental Relations with the Illinois Farm Bureau is confident that those issues can be resolved.

[audio:truckingregulation3.mp3]A Word From Gebhardt[/audio]

All those involved were appreciative of the local grassroots efforts by local farmers and also to the Congressional delegates for help at the Federal level. Many agriculture administrators feel because the issue hit so close to home, it was an issue that was easy to get involved in.

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