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The Clinton Water Department is looking to make a few necessary upgrades to their equipment in the near future.

John Wise, Commissioner of Public Property explains the Water Department for the City of Clinton is seeking to purchase a new cut-off saw. Wise explains a cut-saw can break through asphalt and concrete should that be necessary for work on the streets. He explains the saw is a valuable piece of equipment to the City and the current cut off saw is getting outdated.

[audio:waterupgrade1.mp3]A Word From Wise[/audio]

The Water Department will also be looking to invest in a portable light system. Wise explains the current system is a safety liability to those who use it. According to Wise, the current system may work one moment, and then go out the next, which slows down those working.

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Wise says should the city make the upgrade, the portable light system would be available to use by any department in the city. He adds the system should have been upgraded a long time ago, so now is the time to make that happen.

[audio:waterupgrade3.mp3]A Word From Wise[/audio]

The cut off saw and portable light system are both not to exceed a cost of $1500 and will be decided upon by the Clinton City Council for purchase at their next meeting in September.

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