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The Clinton Athletic Boosters hold several events throughout the year to help with the different facilities used around the junior high and high school.

One of those events that returns later this fall is "Drive One For Your School" through Anderson Ford in Clinton. Brian Ennis is the president of the Clinton Athletic Boosters, he explains the drive last year was a major hit, however, he says they fell just short of their goal. He explains Anderson Ford gives folks an opportunity to come out to their dealership and test drive a new Ford vehicle, and with that test drive, $20 gets donated to the Clinton Booster Club.

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Ennis adds, part of the program is there is no follow up phone call or pressure to buy a new car from Anderson Ford, he says it is a pain free process and a quick, easy way to help raise funds for the Booster Club.

The funds the Boosters raise goes towards needs mostly aimed at the athletic programs in the junior high and high school. Ennis says the Boosters try to find areas of need in any sport in the athletic department and to try to meet those needs.

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Ennis stresses the Booster Club is not aimed just at the traditional football, basketball and baseball sports. He says the booster club is for every sport in both the high school and junior high. He encourages coaches of any sport to approach the boosters with any needs they have and they will do everything they can to get those programs what they need.

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The Booster Club uses other means to raise money throughout the year as well. At the sporting events throughout the various seasons, you may notice Clinton Maroon apparel being sold, the money from those sales goes directly to the Boosters, and then back into the various programs. Ennis is directly responsible for the apparel aspect of the Boosters sales, he says he takes pride in offering a new variety to the community each and every season.

To learn more about the Clinton Athletic Boosters, you can contact Brian Ennis at brian.ennis@frontier.com, or you can visit their website, at www.clintonathletics.org. He also encourages anyone interested in anything Boosters related to sit in on a meeting and share ideas or concerns, those meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of each month in the high school library at 6 pm.

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