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The Farm Progress Show is less than a week away and final preparations are being made to Progress City in Decatur for the thousands of people that will be making their way to the site.

Beau Hanger is the "Mayor" of Progress City on the site of Richland Community College. He says preparations for the show are right on schedule. He expects things to come down to the very last minute, but the goal is perfection for the many visitors to the site next week.

[audio:farmprogresspreperation1.mp3]A Word From Hanger[/audio]

Progress City has been working on adding new permanent structures to the site this year. Hanger believes those permanent structures along with several other upgrades should eliminate congestion on the grounds. He adds the site has added a 12th street which should make traffic flow easier for those coming and going.

[audio:farmprogresspreperation2.mp3]A Word From Hanger[/audio]

Hanger says they have been working with local officials, the hospitals all the way up to the county police and state police. He adds the event is a great opportunity for the city of Decatur to showcase itself. According to Hanger, the event would not be possible without the many partners in the community.

[audio:farmprogresspreperation3.mp3]A Word From Hanger[/audio]

The Farm Progress Show gets underway next Tuesday, Aug 30. For all the information you need to know about the event, you can visit their website at farmprogressshow.com.

Stay tuned to Regional Radio News throughout the week for continued coverage of the Farm Progress Show. The Big 1520 AM/92.3 FM WHOW will broadcast live from Progress City from 12:20 until 2 pm Friday(8/26), and Monday(8/29). WHOW will also have full coverage from the event next Tuesday through Thursday.

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