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Illinois' regional superintendents had hoped to know today when, or if, they will be getting a paycheck. But the 44 local school chiefs will have to wait a few more days.

A judge in Springfield has delayed a hearing on whether he'll force the state to start sending paychecks to the regional superintendents until Thursday.

Illinois' regional superintendents have not been paid since July 1st, when Governor Pat Quinn zeroed-out their $11 million dollars from the state budget. Bob Daiber, president of the Illinois Association of Superintendents of Schools, had been talking with the governor about an eventual payday. But Daiber said it was taking too long.

The judge in the case said he wants to hear arguments about how a temporary restraining order could force the state to start paying the superintendents. Temporary restraining orders usually force someone to stop doing something.

Lawyers for the governor say the case deals with some "serious constitutional questions."

Both sides are due back in court Thursday afternoon.

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