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One citizen's group is asking Governor Quinn to make good on his promise to veto a plan to raise electric rates for Ameren and ComEd customers.  Scott Musser with AARP says a rate hike is the wrong approach to take. 
[audio:rddMusser1.mp3]A Word From Musser[/audio]

A recent report shows the hike will save customers nearly three-billion dollars over the next 20 years. Musser says that savings doesn't help the pockets of actual customers.

[audio:rddMusser2.mp3]A Word From Musser[/audio]

Musser says the cost savings plan has yet set to be seen.  The electric companies want to upgrade their infrastructure and roll out a new smart grid but they want customers to foot the two-point-six-billion dollar bill.  Governor Quinn has said the plan is quote, "dead on arrival."

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