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Thousands upon thousands made their way to Decatur for the Farm Progress Show on the campus of Richland Community College Tuesday.

The close to 600 exhibits on the 80 acres figures to draw almost a million visitors from all over the United States. Stu Ellis is one of the organizers of the Farm Progress Show and played a large role in Decatur being the permanent site for the event, he says of all the Farm Progress Shows he has been a part of, the yesterday's attendance was the largest for a Tuesday he has ever seen.

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Ellis points out the volunteers in the community stepped up when they heard the Farm Progress Show was coming to Decatur. He adds the Farm Progress Show added some incentive to organizations for getting involved.

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The Farm Progress Show may be one of the biggest events of the year for the exhibitors. Ellis says the number of people at the show Tuesday certainly had exhibitors excited, and he feels the crowds have not even reached their peak, as traditionally Wednesday is the busiest day at Progress City.

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The Farm Progress Show runs today (Wed) and Thursday, and Ellis figures the show could break one-million visitors to the site.

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