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Most of the advocates, labor unions, lawmakers, and business leaders who are talking about Illinois' to-be-created healthcare exchanges agree on one thing; The state needs to be involved, but not in charge.

But the reasons why vary. Business groups, like the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, told lawmakers in Springfield Tuesday that the market should set prices. The Chamber wants some state support and a few regulations, but little else. Jim Duffett with the Campaign for Better Healthcare wants the state to support the exchanges, but he doesn't want politicians meddling.

[audio:083011JimDuffett1.mp3]A Word From Duffett[/audio]

Bloomington Republican Bill Brady doesn't want the state too involved in the exchanges, because he doesn't think the state needs to be responsible for healthcare for everyone.

[audio:083011Brady1.mp3]A Word From Bill Brady[/audio]

Lawmakers will decide how involved the state will be in the fall veto session. Illinois is supposed to have its healthcare exchanges up and running by January of 2013.

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