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The first two days of the Farm Progress Show have been a huge success.

After a surprising turn out for day one, the weather for day two turned out to be warmer than expected, but Show Manager Matt Jungmann says things have turned out great so far and everything continues to get better as things go forward.

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With 600 exhibitors and close to a million people attending the show, Jungmann says its a great opportunity for exhibitors to talk with potential customers. He says if exhibitors leave happy with the amount of people they have come in contact with and communicated with then he feels the show is a success.

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A recent trend at the Progress Show is for folks to use golf carts or gators to get around the 80 acres and see all the exhibits. Junmgann notes trying to find ways to balance pedestrians on foot and those in the carts is something they continue to try to work around.

[audio:wednesday3.mp3]A Word From Jungmann[/audio]

Jungmann adds several past shows where the temperatures have made conditions tough on folks at the show have led organizers to put up several cooling stations around the grounds. Exhibitors are also allowed to give out bottles of water this year. With temperatures for today's(Thursday) shows, Jungmann encourages everyone at the show to take advantage of the cooling stations, and try to keep hydrated.

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