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The application by Peoria Disposal Company for storing higher concentrations of PCB's, or polychlorinated biphenyls, in the Clinton Landfill may experience a bump in the road in the near future.

LeRoy attorney Dr. Tom Pliura has announced he will be filing a lawsuit to stop the US EPA's permit process for a proposed DeWitt County chemical waste landfill. Dr. Pliura recently announced his plans to run for the Illinois Senate. According to Dr. Pliura, with that announcement, he was approached by several citizens hoping he would be willing to take legal action.

[audio:pliuralawsuit1.mp3]A Word From Dr. Pliura[/audio]

Dr. Pliura was involved a few years back in a legal battle with a multi-billion dollar foreign company proposing a new hazardous waste chemical pipeline between Flanagan and Patoka. He was able to successfully stop the proposed pipeline, he calls that victory gratifying and hopes his experience from that can be a guide in the legal battle he will be pursuing.

[audio:pliuralawsuit2.mp3]A Word From Dr. Pliura[/audio]

The lawsuit will challenge many aspects of the application the landfill has filed for. A clause in a 2008 a contract with the landfill states the DeWitt County Board will remain neutral on the issue. Representatives from Peoria Disposal have threatened a breach of contract lawsuit should the county violate the clause. Dr. Pliura believes that clause is illegal.

[audio:pliuralawsuit3.mp3]A Word From Dr. Pliura[/audio]

Other challenges Dr. Pliura plans to make are holding meetings outside the publics eye and state and federal violations that have occurred through the process. He anticipates a lengthy battle and for the landfill to not go down without a fight. According to Dr. Pliura, this project has no business being on the agenda of the County Board.

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