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The Farmer City School District recently received their AYP(Adequate Yearly Progress) Report.

The district as a whole made AYP, but Susan Wilson, Superintendent of Blue Ridge Schools says the high school saw some areas that did not, but she says she is pleased with the progress they made from last year's numbers.

[audio:blueridgeayp1.mp3]A Word From Wilson[/audio]

Blue Ridge Junior High and Elementary schools saw extremely strong numbers in AYP this year. Wilson attributes the strong numbers to the teachers of the district and also to the parents of the kids.

[audio:blueridgeayp2.mp3]A Word From Wilson[/audio]

Blue Ridge has a large number of their students eligible for free or reduced lunches, and to have the district achieving the way they are makes Wilson very proud of the district. With the standard of the "No Child Left Behind Act", she says it is disappointing to see the progress of students but they do not get the credit they deserve.

[audio:blueridgeayp3.mp3]A Word From Wilson[/audio]

Wilson says the "No Child Left Behind" standard very frustrating for districts with strong academics. She feels the scattered curriculum at the high school level is a big reason scores vary. But overall, Wilson is very pleased with her districts testing scores and looks forward to seeing the district succeed academically.

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