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The Clinton City Council convenes tonight for the first of their 2 meetings in September.

In August, Public Works Director for the City of Clinton, Steve Lobb, approached the Council about purchasing a new leaf vac system for the streets department. Lobb explains with the streets department's current equipment, fall clean up can sometimes be hard to keep up with. He says purchasing a new leaf vac system will help them keep up better.

[audio:councilpreview11.mp3]A Word From Lobb[/audio]

The Water Department is seeking the approval to make a couple purchases of their own. John Wise, Commissioner of Public Property wants to upgrade the portable light system the city has. He says the current system is a safety issue and simply does not work consistently. He feels the system should have been upgraded already, so now is the time to step up and get the purchase made.

[audio:councilpreview21.mp3]A Word From Wise[/audio]

Also on the agenda for the meeting is an old project that needs completing at D.R. Gordon's office just off the square. City Administrator Tim Followell explains some chipped brick other small maintenance needs to be done on his building. The city, almost 10 years ago was never able to stir up enough interest in bidders to get the project rolling, and now Gordon has a couple contractors willing to do the work, and Followell says now is a good chance to make good on an unfinished project.

[audio:councilpreview31.mp3]A Word From Followell[/audio]

The Council will meet tonight at 7 pm at Clinton City Hall.

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