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The DeWitt County Board has approved a slight increase in fees for their slip rentals at Clinton Lake Marina.

The increases are to give renters a more a more round number and are not going into effect on all the slips at the Marina. Dennis Rich explains the slips effected have a different price increase to them based on whether they are covered or uncovered. He says they simply rounding the cost up.

[audio:sliprentalfee3.mp3]A Word From Rich[/audio]

DeWitt County Board Chair Melonie Tillie explains the increases come as a part of the County's new budget year. She says the change comes to help keep the numbers in the budget easier. She notes about 5 years ago there was another minor increase in rental fees as well.

[audio:sliprentalfee2.mp3]A Word From Tillie[/audio]

Tillie says despite the tough economy, she feels like boaters are willing to pay the extra money to keep their boats docked rather than transport it back and forth every time they visit the lake.

[audio:sliprentalfee1.mp3]A Word From Tillie[/audio]

Again the slip rental fee increases do not effect all the slips at the lake, and those fees are due back in March. The increase was approved by the Board by a vote of 11-1.

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