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The United Way of Decatur and Mid-Illinois had a large presence at last weeks Farm Progress Show in Decatur.

At the Farm Progress Show last week the United Way was waiting at the gates as folks entered Progress City on the campus of Richland Community College. The goal was for the United Way to raise 10-thousand pounds of food, and to have every pound matched with a dollar by Monsanto. Chad Clevenger, Director of Community Impact with the United Way explains the food donated Wednesday alone matched the goal for the week.

[audio:driverecap1.mp3]A Word From Clevenger[/audio]

Volunteers were out at each of the gates collecting food, but some folks chose to give financially as well. Clevenger says the food and money raised last evenly goes to three organizations supported by the United Way.

[audio:driverecap2.mp3]A Word From Clevenger[/audio]

With those that donated money rather than food, Clevenger says usually 18-cents can purchase a pound of food. He credits Monsanto for being a huge partner at the event with the United Way.

[audio:driverecap3.mp3]A Word From Clevenger[/audio]

This marked the 3rd year Monsanto has sponsored the food drive at the Farm Progress Show, both in Decatur and Iowa. Last week nearly 17-thousand pounds of food was raised, with that Monsanto donated 10-thousand dollars to the United Way and just over three-thousand dollars throughout the week for a grand total of just over 13-thousand dollars.

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