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The state's largest union is calling on lawmakers to pass a supplemental budget.  Anders Lindall with AFSCME Council 31 says the money is there, now lawmakers need to step up and save the 19-hundred jobs that Quinn wants to cut.

[audio:rddJobCuts1.mp3]A Word From Lindall[/audio]

Lindall says these cuts will put 19-hundred people out of work but will also have a resounding impact on people who depend on state services. 

[audio:rddJobCuts2.mp3]A Word From Lindall[/audio]

Governor Quinn says he needs more money in order to pay the state's bills until the end of the fiscal year.  He's asking lawmakers to come back to the negotiating table and make it happen when they head back to Springfield in October.  Otherwise, he says he'll close five mental health facilities, one prison and one juvenile detention facility.  Lindall says they'll do everything they can to save the jobs.

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