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As promised, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn on Monday used his veto pen on the Smart Grid legislation backed by both Ameren Illinois and ComEd.

The plan would have allowed the two utilities some wiggle room around the current process of review, and open the door for electric grid modernization. But it would have also meant higher bills, $3.40 a month for 10 years for Ameren customers. ComEd customers are bracing for a flat $3 monthly increase.

Governor Quinn said that's just too much.

[audio:091211Quinn1.mp3]A Word From The Governor[/audio]

But Quad Cities Democrat Mike Jacobs says the law would create jobs, build a new power grid, and would keep Illinois on pace with the rest of the country.

[audio:091211Jacobs3.mp3]A Word From Jacobs[/audio]

Jacobs, who shepherded Smart grid through the state Senate, says lawmakers will likely vote to override the governor in October's veto session.

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