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With Governor Pat Quinn's recent announcement of his plans to close 7 state facilities and lay off almost 2,000 workers, many local lawmakers are not happy with Quinn's plans.

Quinn plans to close two facilities for the developmentally disabled along with three mental health facilities, a youth detention center and an adult correctional center. Most of the 1,938 layoffs will reportedly align with the facility closings. The governor plans to act quickly on the closings and layoffs, but will face strong resistance from AFSCME, which represents state workers. Quinn previously made a deal with the union, agreeing not to layoff any workers or close facilities through June 2012.

Representative Bill Mitchell is often critical of the Governor, he calls the latest plans of Gov. Quinn another example of his vendetta towards downstate Illinois.

[audio:mitchell1.mp3]A Word From Rep. Mitchell[/audio]

With already overcrowded prisons and a high unemployment rate in Illinois, Rep. Mitchell believes this will only make things worse. He says the Governor should be ashamed of himself.

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Bloomington Republican Bill Brady has been very critical of the Governors plan from the moment it was announced. He believes the Governor should have done more research and believes he is losing his credibility in Springfield. Even before the plan was announced, Brady predicted many of the facilities would be in Republican controlled areas.

[audio:mitchell1.mp3]A Word From Sen. Brady[/audio]

The list of closures include: Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln, Illinois Youth Center in Murphsyboro, Chester Mental Health Center, Mabley Mental health Center in Dixon, and Jacksonville Developmental Center. Quinn says lawmakers sent him a budget that doesn't have enough money. But the governor says he's willing to make a deal with the General Assembly in this coming falls veto session.

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