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Identity theft and scams seem to be a trend coming back around to the local communities.

Scam artists can come at a person from a variety of directions, including e-mail, phone calls and even door-to-door encounters. Clinton Police Chief Mike Reidy says many times you may be giving these people information about yourself without even knowing it.

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Executive Director of the DeWitt County Friendship Center Sissy Leggett says she has been approached several times about the elderly getting phone calls claiming the person on the end is from the government needing confidential information. Leggett says no one from the government will ever call anyone needing that kind of information.

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Leann Sosaman is the Senior Outreach and Caregiver Advisor at the Friendship Center, she feels the biggest issue many times is people are just uninformed about what is going on. She says once personal information has been given out, there could be major problems in the future.

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A couple other tips to keep in mind if you think you are getting involved in a scam. Contact local authorities. Ask for information to be mailed to verify the information you are being told about. And also put yourself on "Do Not Call" lists for solicited phone calls. Chief Reidy says contacting the police is a good safe measure to take. Sosaman believes receiving information with a logo verifies the organization is legitimate and putting your name on "No Call Lists" will help reduce the number of solicited phone calls you receive.

To receive any assistance dealing scams you can contact the DeWitt County Friendship Center at 935-9411.

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