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The Apple and Pork Festival will be upon us this weekend and you may be
wondering how you can get involved. If you're not set on volunteering, you
may be when you hear that it can add years onto your life and make you an
all-around happier person.

Silvia Comfort, the head of the Dewitt County Retired and Senior Volunteer
program (RSVP) says that is just the case. Studies have shown that
volunteering can improve both length and quality of life.

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Comfort says that RSVP is busier than ever with the school year beginning.
One of their busiest times is the Apple and Pork Festival. She says that they always need volunteers for this event. One of the many ways you can get involved is through food preparations such as getting lunches ready for the big day.

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There will be opportunities for everyone, no matter the age, this year. Even if
you're not comfortable being outside in certain weather conditions, Comfort
has that taken care of. She says there will be as many jobs indoors as outdoors.

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Comfort says that there are many opportunities for volunteering this fall.
There are always ways to help out at the Food Pantry or to volunteer to be a
big brother or sister to the youth of our communities.

For information on these and more opportunities to volunteer, you can
contact Silvia Comfort at 935-2241 or scomfort@doveinc.org.

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