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Illinois Republicans have a plan to attract and keep jobs in the state.  Pekin representative Mike Unes [[yoo-nes]] says the idea is to put people back to work and allow businesses to be more competitive with neighboring states.

[audio:rddUnes1.mp3]A Word From Unes[/audio]

Unes says part of their five step plan is to increase the estate tax exemption. 

[audio:rddUnes2.mp3]A Word From Unes[/audio]

The plan is to re-enact the net operating loss deduction, re-enact the Illinois research and development tax credit, extend the life of the existing enterprise zones by up to 20 years, reduce administrative costs for setting up and incorporating a Limited Liability Corporation, and increasing the estate tax exemption from two to five million dollars.  Unes says the five step approach should get support from both sides of the aisle.

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