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Illinois' unemployment figures were released last week and one local lawmaker is speaking out on the issue.

Illinois' unemployment was at 9.9% for the month of August, which is almost a percentage point higher than the national average, which saw zero job growth in August. Representative Bill Mitchell says on top of those figures, almost 20% of people are unable to find full time employment opportunities.

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Since Illinois raised the tax rate in January, Mitchell points out more businesses are leaving the state, and taking their jobs with them. Many larger companies have been approached by business recruiters from other states. As many companies have already left, or plan to leave, Mitchell feels it is not a coincidence unemployment numbers in Illinois continue to grow.

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Mitchell points people are hurting and the last thing should have been done was raise taxes on those that are the job creators of the state.. According to Mitchell, Governor Quinn and Chicago Democrats need to take full responsibility for the situation.

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The number of unemployed people in Illinois actively looking for work increased in August by 25,400 to 653,000. That's an increase of 4%. Illinois' County by County figures on unemployment will be out Thursday afternoon.

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