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Last week members of the Clinton City Council and several city employees made the trip to Chicago for the annual Illinois Municipal Leagues Annual Conference.

The Illinois Municipal League's goal is to provide a formal voice for Illinois cities in matters involving common interests, particularly with legislative issues. They try promote competence and integrity in administration of local government, and provide local government officials knowledge and experience to best administer their duties. Clinton Mayor Carolyn Peters and several of the Commissioners had the opportunity to be a part of several workshops between Thursday and Saturday, to learn about different aspects of their responsibilities, and the Mayor felt as though it was a good opportunity for her and for the commissioners new to the City Council.

[audio:councilconference1.mp3]A Word From The Mayor[/audio]

Commissioner John Wise was able to attend and he felt it was a good opportunity for individuals to discuss issues at a local level and find what works well in other places. He says it is an opportunity for government officials to help each other out and better communities throughout the state.

[audio:councilconference2.mp3]A Word From Commissioner Wise[/audio]

Mayor Peter's spoke to the several workshops she was in attendance for. She feels the knowledge she gained will help her in several aspects. Being in her first term as Mayor, Peter's explains she spent time learning to conduct meetings and also on development and hopes to begin putting the things she learned into practice.

[audio:councilconference3.mp3]A Word From The Mayor[/audio]

The yearly conference was held in Chicago this past Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. All the members of the Council that were able to attend say they learned a lot and look forward to putting the things they learned into practice.

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