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 width=The Clinton Fire Department's new firetruck arrived at their station last night.

The new fire truck comes to the department from Pierce Manufacturing in northern Illinois. The new truck is a custom made truck and Clinton Fire Chief Shawn Milton notes the new truck is much safer. He says it will also be a lot more versatile.

[audio:firetruck1.mp3]A Word From Chief Milton[/audio]

Chief Milton explains the old aerial engine was put out of commission during a training exercise. He says the insurance on the truck was a big help financially in getting the new truck. He explains the insurance paid half of the nearly $1 million dollar investment.

[audio:firetruck2.mp3]A Word From Chief Milton[/audio]

 width=The new engine was a tight fit in the station, and with that the discussion of a new station may begin to come about. According to Chief Milton, the department has long outgrown the current station and adds with the growing size of the engines, he would like to see a new station get built.

[audio:firetruck3.mp3]A Word From Chief Milton[/audio]

Chief Milton encourages residents to stop by the fire station and check out the new truck. He says the truck is a municipal property and it is tax dollars being put to use. He asks residents to ring the front door of the station to notify the drivers they are there, but again, anyone is welcome to stop in and see the new engine.

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