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If you are headed to the Apple and Pork Festival this weekend, there are some changes to the layout of the streets of Clinton you should be aware.

For the first time this year, the city will be closing off Center Street from Johnson North to Woodlawn Street. City Administrator for the City of Clinton, Tim Followell says Nan Crang who is the Commissioner of Streets and Public Improvements felt the city should close off Center Street and see how things go this year with that change.

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Clinton Police Chief Mike Reidy is happy to see the City give this a try. He says from a public safety aspect, it was a worry to him and his department with the combinations of close to 70-thousand people in the city and most of them walking Center Street, along with cars trying to get through as well. He says while he welcomes the change, the city will probably have some problems on their hands as well.

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Chief Reidy notes with Center Street being closed off for the Festival, more folks will be on the street. He says another change this year for the Tram to go up and down the street, they will mark out a corridor for the tram to have to move about.

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While the street closure is going to be new and an inconvenience for some people, Followell stresses the goal is everyone in attendance's safety.

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Officials advise pedestrians and motorists entering Clinton throughout the weekend to practice patience as several thousand people will be trying to make their way through the city this weekend. They also say the closure of Center Street this year is a trial run. Should things work out well, they will make necessary changes next year to improve the system in place, and should things not turn out so well, they may go back to leaving it open.

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