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The Clinton High School Homecoming activities will a change next year.

The school took some heat this year for their Wednesday activities, the parade and powder puff football game, interfering with several local church's Wednesday evening schedules. The biggest concern was over the route of the parade which blocked  a couple of Clinton Church's patrons from getting to their respective church's. Principal of Clinton High School Ron Connor says almost 15 years ago, it was agreed upon that the Homecoming activities would be allowed to take place one Wednesday out of the year.

[audio:clintonhomecoming1.mp3]A Word From Principal Connor[/audio]

At the Board of Education's September meeting, they discussed in length options to accommodate so as many people could attend the parade, and at the same time not interfere with activities in the community or the school. Board member Rod Werts believes having the parade on Friday afternoon, along with letting school out early, is a great way to get the community excited for the homecoming activities and homecoming football game.

[audio:clintonhomecoming2.mp3]A Word From Werts[/audio]

The district this year had athletes from the football team go to different grade schools in Clinton to get them involved and excited for the Homecoming week. Mark Haas felt as though that went over very well, and should continue in the future.

[audio:clintonhomecoming3.mp3]A Word From Haas[/audio]

The Board decided to move the Homecoming parade to Friday, and for next year Homecoming will be October 5. The board also made the decision to allow for the parade to be later in the afternoon, the football game will be moved to either a 7:30 or 8pm start time. Next year's Homecoming opponent for Clinton will be Decatur St. Teresa.

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