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Sentencing for former governor Rod Blagojevich is being postponed.  Judge James Zagel announced the delay yesterday and some believe it's because of potential conflict with the Bill Cellini trial.  Cellini is a former fundraiser for Blagojevich who is also on trial for corruption.  Political Scientist Kent Redfield says people often cooperate with federal prosecutors in order to get a lighter sentence but he doesn't think that's what's going on with Blagojevich.

[audio:rddCellini1.mp3]A Word From Redfield[/audio]

Cellini is accused of bribery, fraud and extortion.  He allegedly made deals with Blagojevich insiders in order to protect his political power.  The same judge from the Blagojevich trial is set to preside over the Cellini trial which will start on October third.

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