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September is the time of year for school districts to approve their budgets for the fiscal year and many schools are seeing a large deficit once again this year.

Clinton Schools are no exception to those deficits. Clinton Schools Superintendent Dr. Jeff Holmes says the district will see about a $1.5-million dollar deficit. However, Dr. Holmes is optimistic the State of Illinois can make some of the payments the district is owed.

[audio:clintonbudget1.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

According to Dr. Holmes, the district is beginning to receive the payments from last years budget, and he notes, by receiving those payments, the amount of money the state owes the district will begin to decrease.

[audio:clintonbudget2.mp3]A Word From Dr. Holmes[/audio]

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn recently cut money from school's transportation funds, which is putting a big burden on a lot of local budgets. Illinois State Representative Chapin Rose feels the governor is trying to take the cuts to schools' education funds and pay for state union employees pay raises.

[audio:clintonbudget3.mp3]A Word From Rep. Rose[/audio]

Legislators reconvene for the fall veto session at the end of October. Rose believes the battle over paying for the AFSCME pay raises and funding downstate schools' transportation will be a major battle, however, he is confident they can get the funding re-established.

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