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It's going to cost Illinois nearly $300 million dollars and over 25-hundred jobs if Governor Pat Quinn closes seven state sites.

The governor says Illinois' budget isn't big enough to keep open the sites. His office has filed the closing recommendations and economic impact studies for The Chester, Singer, and Tinley Park mental health centers. As well as the Mabley and Jacksonville Developmental Centers and the Logan Correctional Center and Murphysboro Youth Center.

Advocate Tony Paulauski supports closing Jacksonville and Mabley, if the governor takes his time.

[audio:092711TonyPualauski2.mp3]A Word From Paulauski[/audio]

Governor Quinn wants to close the sites in 90 days. The governor also wants to send prisoners from Logan to gyms in other state prisons. That has Piinckneyville Correctional Center's Randy Hellmann worried.

[audio:092711RandyHellmann1.mp3]A Word From Hellmann[/audio]

Quinn's spokeswoman says lawmakers can always work with the governor this fall to avoid the closures.

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