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The community of Lincoln recently received some tough news that one of the biggest employers in the county may be shutting down.

Part of Governor Pat Quinn's proposed closing of 9 state facilities and the loss of nearly two-thousand state jobs is the Logan County Correctional Center. The Mayor of Lincoln, Keith Snyder says while from the outside looking in, it may not seem like a big loss, he says it would be a monumental loss for commerce and business should the facility get closed.

[audio:logancorrectionalclosing1.mp3]A Word From Mayor Snyder[/audio]

Less than a decade ago, the Lincoln/Logan County area saw a very similar situation when Lincoln Developmental Center was closed down. Mayor Snyder is a former Lincoln Board of Education member, he says another aspect of the loss will be to the school districts. He points to families leaving for other job opportunities, which will have a domino effect for the schools of Lincoln and Logan County.

[audio:logancorrectionalclosing2.mp3]A Word From Mayor Snyder[/audio]

The many acres and buildings of the former Lincoln Developmental Center still remain primarily vacant. Mayor Snyder says it was devastating to the community almost 10 years ago, he says for it to happen again is a scary thought for the community.

[audio:logancorrectionalclosing3.mp3]A Word From Mayor Snyder[/audio]

Logan County's unemployment currently sits at about 8% and should the Logan County Correctional Center shut down, it certainly figures to raise that number, and may have a large impact in other counties throughout central Illinois, as the Center employs well over five-hundred people.

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