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A synthetic form of marijuana known as K2 is popping up on store shelves in Macon County.  Lawmakers banned the sale of K2 but Sheriff Tom Schneider says people are finding tricky ways to modify the drug and get around the law.

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Lawmakers banned some of the substances found in K2 but Sheriff Schneider says modifications of the drug are making it difficult to combat the problem.

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The product clearly says it shouldn't be consumed but the Sheriff says manufacturers are specifically targeting youth in their marketing efforts.

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Schneider says the drug poses a threat to public safety because teens are getting behind the wheel while they're impaired.  He says doctors report the drug speeds up the pulse rate, causes high blood pressure and even impairs breathing.  The Sheriff's Department is partnering with local schools to create a campaign against these synthetic drugs.  He says the plans are already underway and they expect to get the campaign kicked off in the next few weeks.

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