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With a high unemployment rate and a risky stock market, many Illinoisans are afraid to invest their money.  Jack Lasday with Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management says fear is not a bad thing but now could be an opportune time to purchase stock.  

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Lasday says the market is climbing slowly but it will stay in somewhat of a holding pattern until issues are worked out with the European sovereign debt crisis and American entitlements and taxes.

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Lasday says financial rewards come with riskier investments but it's always smart to have more stable investments in your portfolio.

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The financial planner urges people to invest wisely, watch the market, and find someone they trust to help manage their money.  Right now, they'd advise investors not to pull out of the market completely but to scale back on some of the riskier stocks.  They say having a plan and sticking to it is the most important thing to remember when it comes to investing.

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