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The upcoming Fall Veto session will bring some major issues to the forefront.

Governor Pat Quinn's recent veto of the Regional Office of Education funding is one of the critical items on the agenda for the session. State Representative Chapin Rose says while there needs to be a limit in the bureaucracy in education, ROEs provide much of the necessary training and certifications vital to school operatoins.

[audio:veto1.mp3]A Word From Rep. Rose[/audio]

Rose says he's more than willing to help consolidate certain positions of jobs, but he says Quinn needs an actual plan he can work with in place. The current situation has had negative drawbacks for those who work in the ROE, especially the superintendents who have had to go without pay for the last few months.

[audio:veto2.mp3]A Word From Rep. Rose[/audio]

According to Rose, there should hae been more investigation into other areas before Governor Quinn took funding comepletely from the ROE. He argues the Governor should look into the state Board of Education, which according to Rose, seems to be less effective than the local ROEs.

[audio:veto3.mp3]A Word From Rep. Rose[/audio]

This ROE funding along with several other topics will be discussed at the end of the month leading into November. Rose is confident funding can get restored to them and also the school's transportation funds as well.

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