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The Clinton Water Department will be embarking on a mandatory yearly project this week.

Starting today, the Water Department will be flushing the water mains throughout the City of Clinton. Public Works Director Steve Lobb explains the department breaks the town up into segments and they will flush the mains through the fire hydrants.

[audio:mainflush1.mp3]A Word From Lobb[/audio]

Lobb calls the process a necessary evil. He explains when they flush the water mains, it disturbs the water quality. He also encourages residents when the see the hydrants being flushed near them to refrain from using the water for about 24 hours.

[audio:mainflush2.mp3]A Word From Lobb[/audio]

The original date to flush the mains was last week, Lobb says there were some things they needed to work out so they moved it to this week. He add residents do not need to worry about any street closures.

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