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Movie buffs have a catch a movie most people won't get to see until it is released on DVD.

Clinton's Eagle Theater will be showing the movie "Dog Jack", a small budget film, Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening. Eagle Theater owner Eric Gubelman feels this is a great opportunity for residents to see a family friendly film before it is released to the public, and also for the theater to play a role in low budget films getting publicized.

[audio:dogjack1.mp3]A Word From Gubelman[/audio]

Gubelman is also owner to the Eagle Theater in Robinson, in southern Illinois. He explains the movie was well received there, with over 200-people coming to see the movie. Gubelman also has a unique connection to the film, as he has a cousin who is an actor in it.

[audio:dogjack2.mp3]A Word From Gubelman[/audio]

According to Gubelman, his theaters have a strong relationship with faith based film makers, and feels this movie is another example of the family friendly films he brings to the community. He does say while the film does not shy away from prompting faith based questions, he says it is not a Christian movie endorsed by churches.

[audio:dogjack3.mp3]A Word From Gubelman[/audio]

The movie shows starting Saturday at 12 noon and Sunday at 7 pm. Tickets are a discounted $4 in advance, and those who attend will have the opportunity to talk with some of the cast members of the movie.

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