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The Emerald Ash Borer being spotted in central Illinois has lead to different agencies around the state to take action in trying to find the evasive beetle.

The beetle has most recently been spotted in DeWitt and Stark Counties, and as previously reported, once the beetle has been spotted in Ash Trees, the chances of their survival at this time are slim. However, there are several agencies working to find ways to save the Ash trees or prevent the beatle from infesting more trees.

Communications manager with the Illinois Department of Agriculture, Jeff Squib explains the beatle has used several methods of coming to the  area. It has used the transportation firewood and also on rail lines from the Northeast, which is where the beetle is thought to be originated from in the United States.

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DeWitt County is not part of a current quarantine of the EAB. However, Squib says the next step would be including DeWitt County as a part of the quarantine, and potentially surrounding counties.

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Squib explains once an Ash tree has been infected, the tree begins to die from the top down, which is where the EAB tends to burrow. He says there are several signs of the tree being under distress once infested. He says Ash tree owners may notice a "D" shape hole in the bark or branches, and also small branches growing from around the trees base, which are both early signs of distress.

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If Ash tree owners believe their tree may be infested with the EAB, there are a couple of ways to seek help. They first can visit www.illinoiseab.com or they can call Department of Agriculture' Bureau of Environmental Programs at 217-785-2427.

Tune in to Regional Radio News tomorrow for more on what land owners with Ash Trees can do to help keep their trees protected.

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