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As reported yesterday, the Emerald Ash Borer's presence in DeWitt County certainly threatens the Ash Tree population.

After a Dutch Elm disease outbreak, the Ash tree was chosen to replace the Ash tree population because of the tendency of the Ash tree to grow rather quickly. Jeff Squib is the Communications Manager with the Illinois Department of Agriculture. He says the Ash tree was the unofficial chosen tree to replace the Dutch Elm population because of it's nature to grow quickly, and now it is being threatened by a deadly beetle.

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Many land owners with the Ash tree are now left wondering what there is to do to prevent the Emerald Ash Borer from burrowing into their Ash Tree inventory. Squib says detecting the beetle before the tree is showing signs of distress is incredibly difficult. While not impossible, the beetle is difficult to see, as it is smaller than a penny, however, it is a bright green metallic color.

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Squib says while there are some treatments available, he says it is up to the individual owner of each tree what their approach will be in fighting against or preventing the emerald ash borer. He says while the tree may not show signs of distress, it could still be infected, but not showing those signs, and it may not show the signs for a long time.

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Ash tree owners have a couple of options to obtaining information or help. The first is to visit the wesbite www.illinoiseab.com. Or they can call 217-785-2427, which is the number to the Department of Agriculture's Bureau of Environmental Programs.

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