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Scovill Zoo in Decatur is in the process of expanding and renovating.

The Decatur zoo recently received an Illinois Museums grant in the last year. This will allow them to put up a brand new concession stand as well as renovation and expanding their restroom facilities. Both of these expansions should be ready by the opening of next season. Ken Frye, with Scovill Zoo, explains that these will be great improvement on their current facilities.

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According to Frye, the planned renovations are all a part of a long-range plan for the future of the zoo, which will include several new animal exhibits are on the schedule to begin construction this winter. Frye explains their annual Gala event the past two years have been the primary fund raiser for the projects.

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Frye says the penguins the zoo will be getting are going to be very unique. He explains these penguins will be more likely to adapt to our Illinois heat rather than cold.

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Frye also said that he is also looking into exhibits featuring otters and gibbons that should be coming within the next year.

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