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The Clinton YMCA began embarking on a remodeling project that is expected to be done this week.

Since its inception in 1964, the Y over the years has continually had additions put onto it. Executive Director, Jann Martin, explains this project is going to add on to space upstairs and allow for them to better accommodate those who frequent the Y.

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Martin says the project is been on time since it started, almost 60 days ago, which was the target time frame to finish. She says the estimated $175-thousand renovations would not be possible be possible without the support from the community.

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These renovations will allow senior citizens, and others with limited mobility, much more accessibility to the equipment and facilities. According to Martin, free weights and other equipment will now be downstairs in one area while aerobics will be moved upstairs.

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The new renovations will be on display during an open house on Sunday November 13th. There will be a free spaghetti dinner that night for guests in hopes of attracting new members to the Y.

For more information about the renovations or the open house, you can call the YMCA at 935-8307.

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