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An event in Lincoln is set for tomorrow night in Lincoln to help in the cause to keep the Logan County Correctional Center open.

Community members in Lincoln, Logan County and surrounding communities are invited to Lincoln Christian University's Hargrove Chapel to show support in fighting the closure of the state facility. Executive Director of the Lincoln/Logan County Chamber of Commerce, Andi Hake says they want to show a panel of legislators how the closure of the Correctional facility would impact the community of Lincoln like it did almost 10 years ago with the closure of the Lincoln Developmental Center.

[audio:lincolnhearing1.mp3]A Word From Hake[/audio]

Hake explains showing these legislators the impact that the closing of the facility could have on the community is the key to the hearing. She adds the loss of the jobs to on of the biggest employers in Logan County would not just be felt there, but to businesses throughout Lincoln as well.

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Hake encourages as many residents attend as possible. She says the LCU Chapel is one of the largest venues in Lincoln, and hopes 1,000 can make their way out. She says while the hearing may last close to 4-hours, those that attend are not required to say the entire time, she says showing up as long as possible will go a long way to support the cause.

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The hearing will get underway at 5 pm again, at the Lincoln Christian University Hargrove Chapel. Those in attendance that wish to speak will have the opportunity, however, they will have a short time do do so.

For more information, you can contact the Lincoln/Logan Chamber of Commerce at 735-2385.

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