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Governor Quinn says so called improvements to the smart grid bill aren't good enough.  He says the fact that it strips oversight from the Illinois Commerce Commission is a major concern.

[audio:rddICC3.mp3]A Word From Quinn[/audio]

Quinn says he's willing to negotiate with the utility companies to draft a bill that doesn't prey on ComEd and Ameren consumers.

[audio:rddICC5.mp3]A Word From Quinn[/audio]

Quinn says nixing the ICC creates the possibility for corruption because the utilities can buy lawmakers with the campaign contributions.  He wants lawmakers to sustain his veto and he vows to fight every step of the way to protect people from the special interests.  Attorney General Lisa Madigan is on board with the governor.  She calls the newest version of the bill a quote, "Trojan Horse" deal designed to distract people from what the legislation really does which guarantees the utilities' profits.

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