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Agriculture will be the name of the game for local students today.

Clinton's Lincoln Elementary students will have the opportunity today to learn a little bit more about farmers and the many aspects of their farms. Garry Gullone is the principal at Lincoln Elementary School in Clinton. He explains his students today is Harvest Day at his school. Gullone explains there will be several stations with different themes.

[audio:harvestday1.mp3]Word from Gullone[/audio]

Gullone explains the school arranges for farmers to come in and give presentations to the kids about what corn or beans can be made into, and also discuss different aspects of the farm and harvest time.

[audio:harvestday2.mp3]Word from Gullone[/audio]

Gullone is a native of New Jersey, in fact, he grew up 10 miles from New York City. He says Harvest Day is a lot of fun for him because he enjoys seeing the farm equipment and learning about all things the different pieces of machinery can do.

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