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The smart grid system has been major topic of discussion at this fall's veto session.

Governor Pat Quinn has fought the smart grid system because of the cost to consumers, however, State Representative Bill Mitchell feels there is a lot of bad information on the cost to consumers. Many in the public are under the impression that the measure would increase their electric bill by almost $300 a year. Mitchell explains it will cost $3.40 a year.

[audio:mitchellelectric1.mp3]A Word From Rep. Mitchell[/audio]

Mitchell feels the Smart Grid is very much needed, as Illinois is currently dealing with almost 100 year old technology. Another advantage he points out is consumers will be able to monitor their usage, which will then save them money.

[audio:mitchellelectric2.mp3]A Word From Rep. Mitchell[/audio]

Some other aspects of the bill that Mitchell feels have not been exposed are some guidelines Ameren will have to meet. He says if Ameren does not meet these guidelines they will then be penalized.

[audio:mitchellelectric3.mp3]A Word From Rep. Mitchell[/audio]

Both the House and Senate voted to override the governor last Wednesday. They rejected Quinn's argument that the legislation guarantees unfair profits to power companies and seriously weakens the oversight power of state regulators.

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