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Senior Citizens wishing to keep in shape now have an opportunity to do so.

The Dewitt County Friendship Center has jumpstarted a new senior excercise on called "Strong for Life". It is designed for individuals 55 and over. The focus of this class is to help stengthen muscle mass which is a large indicator of good health. According to Exectutive Director Sissy Leggett, this class will be a challenge but not overly strenuous for the participants.

[audio:seniorexcercise1.mp3]Leggett on the New Program[/audio]

One of the biggest advantages of this program is the fact that it costs nothing. Leggett also wants to make sure to point out that it's not just for women. Men are encouraged to attend as well.

[audio:seniorexcercise2.mp3]A Word From Leggett[/audio]

Leggett says that they have had several respond but they could always take more. She says any senior could come and join, even those who use canes and walkers.  She also says thatactivity and movement is crucial to staying active in your older years.

[audio:seniorexcercise3.mp3]Leggett On The Benefits[/audio]

The class is on Wednesday afternoons at 2pm. For more information about details for the class you can call Sissy Leggett at 935-9411.

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