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An every other year operation that takes place at the Clinton Power Plant that was originally scheduled for 2012 has now been moved.

Every other year, the Clinton Power Plant does a refuel outage. Bill Harris is the Communications Manager at Exelon, he explains during a refuel outage many things take place, including inspections and maintenance on equipment that Harris says is normally not accessible.

[audio:refueloutage1.mp3]Harris discusses Outage[/audio]

According to Harris, this inspection provides a nice boost to the local economy as the number of people at the Power Plant will be close to a couple thousand. He says each person is needed to help support the process.

[audio:refueloutage2.mp3]Harris discusses Outage[/audio]

Harris says once everything is complete, the Power Plant works hard to work at maximum efficiency to make sure procedures such as the one taking place now, does happen every two years.

[audio:refueloutage3.mp3]Harris discusses Outage[/audio]

According to Harris, once the fuel has been used, it is stored and managed at the Clinton Power Plant.

Harris says you may notice many new faces around Clinton already due to the refueling going on already.

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