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Lawmakers have wrapped up the second week of veto session but they've left many issues on the table.  They didn't pass a measure to add more gambling across the state.  The measure came up for a vote in the House yesterday but fell two votes shy of the 60 it needed to pass.  Big businesses in the state are also left hanging in the balance.  A proposal to provide corporate tax breaks to keep businesses from leaving Illinois didn't even come up for a vote.  Chairman of Chicago's CME Group is one of several companies that's threatened to leave if lawmakers don't make adjustments to the tax code.  And more than 19-hundred state workers are left without answers since lawmakers didn't address the Governor's plan to lay the workers off if he doesn't get more money.  Today was supposed to be the last day in this year's veto session but both the House and Senate will reconvene on November 29th.  Senate President John Cullerton says he's confident that all of the measures will be worked out and addressed at that time.

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